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At Tokyu Stay, we want our guests to feel at home. Whether you're visiting Japan for business or leisure, for one night or many, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a space of ease for all our guests, no matter their travel needs.

Making your home away from home work for you

We do our utmost to provide all you need for the most comfortable stay.

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    All the amenities you'll need

    Rooms come furnished with quality furniture to make even long-term stays more comfortable, plus appliances like hair dryers and microwaves, so that your travel base comes with all you'll need.

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    Spacious and comfortable rooms

    Space enough to stretch out and relax! Tokyu Stay takes pride in offering sizable rooms with plenty of space for longer-term guests and all their luggage.

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    Walking distance to the station

    Get where you want to go with ease: our hotels are located within walking distance of the nearest station, so you won't have to carry your luggage far.

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    Washing and drying machines

    Lighten your load by washing on the go. The washer-dryers available in our guest rooms make it easy to refresh your wardrobe from the comfort of your room.

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    Mini kitchen/microwave

    For the flexibility to prepare your own meals, here in your own space. Enjoy dining out when you like, without being forced to rely on the convenience store when you'd rather eat in.

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    A breakfast rich in variety

    Enjoy different dishes at each of our hotels, including not just our breakfast buffet, but local foods from our locations across Japan as well.

Fit for any type of travel

No matter the purpose of your trip, Tokyu Stay hotels can accommodate your travel needs.

  • Single or Double Occupancy Standard Room

    Our hotel provides an extensive range of basic room types to comfortably accommodate small groups of guests, including single- and double-bed rooms. Whether traveling alone, with family, friends, couples, or on a business trip, there is always an option to suit any requirement.

    The convenient location of the hotel places it within a 5-minute walking range of all key facilities. This ensures smooth access to the city center as well as a host of tourist attractions. First-time visitors to Japan will also find it easy to sit back and relax in secure accommodation.

    In addition to key bathroom amenities, many rooms also include other appointments for boosting everyday convenience, like washers/dryers and microwave ovens. These ensure comfort for guests seeking long-term accommodation. All rooms include Wi-Fi access, and some rooms are equipped with spacious desks and chairs, creating an office environment designed for comfort and focus.

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  • Multi Occupancy Standard Room Occupancy Standard Room

    A wide variety of room types are available for groups of 3 to 6 guests or families, with variations including bunk rooms, connecting rooms, and Japanese/Western-style rooms. Spacious and comfortable, guests are treated to a magnificent experience with close friends and family.

    n addition to basic bathroom supplies, most rooms are equipped a washer/dryer, microwave oven, and other daily amenities aimed at boosting convenience for long-term guests. Some rooms are also available with a kitchenette for simple cooking. Guests are welcome to purchase fresh ingredients at a nearby supermarket and enjoy cooking up a delight together with the kitchenette—make the most of parties in the privacy of your own room.

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  • Signature Room for a Premium, Luxurious Stay

    Whether traveling to Japan for creating memorable moments with loved ones, or seeking premium accommodation, a host of lavish, signature room types are available to meet any requirement.Lavish guest rooms are a spacious 40 m2or larger, making them ideal for relaxing and unwinding. Rooms with a terrace come with an expansive balcony where guests can sit and bask in the breathtaking view, or revel in stunning moments in the breeze. Onsen-type rooms allow guests to relish in the pleasures of Japanese-style hot spring bathing and relieve their travel fatigue, all without having to leave their room. Rooms are also available with a range of shower head options to suit individual preferences. Three premium shower heads are available to choose and compare, ensuring the best possible shower experience.

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Travel Ideas

You've found the perfect place to stay. Now it's time to set out from Tokyu Stay and see Japan.

  • A Trip Across Japan's Onsen for Couples

    Take a tour with your partner through Japan's wonderful onsen (hot springs), and experience some of the best of Japan's bathing culture in the exquisite natural baths from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. After a relaxing onsen soak, you can enjoy the most peaceful sleep in our hotel.

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  • Fulfilling your Anime, Manga, and Video Game Dreams in Japan

    Grab your friends and get to the heart of Japan's anime- and manga-related neighborhoods, where you can go shopping, visit themed cafés based on anime or video games, and just have fun nerding out in these subculture-filled streets! Even the real-life locations featured in famous anime.

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