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Tokyu Stay offers its guests a host of unique services and facilities. We hope you enjoy a relaxing, comfortable stay.

Tokyu Stay hotels offer guests the perfect experience whether they are staying for business or leisure. Rooms come equipped with a variety of facilities and amenities such as washer/dryer combos, kitchenettes, microwave ovens, and more. All of our guests can feel safe and secure thanks to the 24-hour security offered at the front desk. In addition to the above-mentioned amenities, other perks such as free Wi-Fi, a humidifier, and a pants presser are also included to make your stay all the more comfortable.



Long-stay guests can make use of our abundant facilities.

Washer/dryer combos, kitchenettes, microwave ovens, cookware, free Wi-Fi, and other amenities are perfect for long-term stays.

Free internet service

All rooms, lobbies, and lounges offer both wired and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Internet access.
LAN cables can be rented at the front desk. All connection services are offered free of charge.
Guests are free to use their personal computers or communication devices and connect to our Internet service. A free-to-use PC is also available in the lobby and lounge.

■Using internet access services
We ask that you refrain from using any device that may have been infected by a virus. We also ask that you refrain from putting undue strain on the hotel's network. Examples include the constant use of P2P software or sending/receiving extremely large files.

Equipment and facilities for a comfortable stay

The washer/dryer combo will help guests keep their clothes neat and clean. Bringing your own luggage involves almost no hassle. All rooms come equipped with a humidifier and deodorizing spray.

― List of equipment
Washer/dryer combo / Microwave / TV / Air conditioner / Refrigerator / Trouser press / Kettle / Hairdryer / Humidifier / Shoe dryer / Safety box / Telephone / Lamp / Note pad / Hangers / Slippers (including disposable slippers) / Shoehorn / Shoe polishing sheets / Bblankets

* Some items on this list may not be available in certain guest rooms.

Kitchienette where you can cook easily

Some rooms are provided with a kitchenette including a microwave, an electromagnetic cooker (electric stove), and a refrigerator so that you can prepare a meal easily. Basic utensils are also available.

― Equipment provided for the kitchenette
Flat plate (medium) / Glass / Mug / Electric Kettle / Saucepan (medium) / Spoon / Fork / Knife / Cutting board / Kitchen paper / Sponge / Washing up liquid / Ladle / Pot stand

Spacious bathroom

The bathroom gives you a spacious space to relax and stretch your legs after a long day. Additionally, toilets are equipped with bidet feature.

― Equipment provided for the bathroom and sink
Bath towels / Face towels / Bath mat / Hand soap / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Toothpaste and toothbrush / Nightwear

Excellent security system

Excellent security system allows only guest can enter to guest floor.



We offer a wide range of around-the-clock services.

To ensure our guests enjoy a comfortable and safe stay, Tokyu Stay offers a variety of services 24 hours a day such as equipment rental and sales, luggage storage, and more.


Baggage keeping

We are happy to keep your baggage before check-in and/or after check-out for same day only.
* We do not keep valuable nor breakable items.

Delivery service

Delivery service is available at front desk. Packing materials are available for purchase on request (Charge).

Laundry and dry cleaning

You may request cleaning at the front desk. For specific details, please contact the hotel at which you wish to stay.
* Not offered at Tokyu Stay Kanazawa, Tokyu Stay Hida Takayama Musubi no Yu and Tokyu Stay Hakodate-Asaichi Akari no Yu locations.

Video on demand

You can enjoy your free time with our VOD system.
* Ticket is available at vending machines at the price of Yen 1,000
* Video On Demand (VOD) is not available at some hotels. Please see the homepage of each hotel for further details.

FAX service

Service is available at the Front desk at the cost of -Yen 110 for domestic and Yen 210 for overseas (per paper)
* Receiving is free


Yen 10 per paper (Size: A4 & B4)

Drink vending machine / Ice machine

Ice makers are available without fees.
* Only in hotels provide with ice makers

Supplies-for-sale service

A plastic umbrella Yen 360


Convenient supplies are also provided free-of-charge or for a charge. The number of these items is limited, so please make your request as early as possible.

Trouser press

Iron and iron board

A battery charger for cell phone (iPhone & Android)

LAN cable

DVD player



Tokyu Stay hotels implement a stay-type style of housekeeping.

At Tokyu Stay, we have our own cleaning rules so as not to disturb our guests as much as possible.
* If you are staying with us more than two nights, please read this.

For multiple-night stays

“Simple cleaning” is done on request.
If you want this service, please hang the notification outside your door.
Simple cleaning includes: changing face towels, bath towels, bathmat, and nightwear, and emptying trash cans.

For guests who are staying seven nights or more

In addition to the simple cleaning, “Room cleaning” will be done once a week.
Room cleaning includes: making the bed, changing towels and nightwear, replenishing in-room equipment, cleaning the room, and emptying trash cans.

■Announcement about Paid cleaning services
Paid service charges are as following. Please contact the front desk.

(tax included)
Additional cleaning 1,500 yen Making beds, room cleaning
Making beds 750 yen Replacing sheets and pillowcases

User guide

Check-in / Check-out

Check-in From 3:00 pm

Please call the Front Desk if you are late for your estimated arrival time.
If not contact by 0:00AM (local time) on the day of arrival,we may cancel your reservation.

Check-out By 11:00 am


【Cancellation Fees】
Be aware that the following cancellation fees will be applied regardless of how you made your reservation.

1 day before 2 days before 10 days before 20 days before
1-14persons 100% 80% 50% - -
15 or more persons 100% 80% 50% 20% 10%

【Canceling Reservations】
- Guests who reserved via the Tokyu Stay official website
Please cancel your reservation by accessing My Page or by checking your reservation confirmation email.
Reservations may be canceled until the day of your scheduled check-in.

- Guests who did not reserve via the Tokyu Stay official website
Online reservations may be canceled online until the day before your scheduled check-in.
Guests who made a reservation via phone should contact the hotel directly.

Payment / Credit Card

Room charge must be paid in full at time of check-in.
Guests staying more than 30 nights are required to pay room charge for the following month, in addition to other outstanding fees for the current month, by the last day of the current month.

■Tokyu Stay accepts major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UC, TOP&CARD, JCB, UnionPay and Diners Club Card.

Accommodation tax

Accommodation tax is charged on guests staying at hotels in Tokyo.

Lodging is an accommodation service offered by hotels. Guests may be considered to use this service even if they do not physically stay in the hotel.

■Room rate
Room rates are provided for accommodation and do not include meals, entertainment, or other activities.

■How Accommodation tax is Calculated
Guests staying in rooms with nightly rates of less than 10,000 yen per person (before tax) are exempt from paying an accommodation tax.

* Prices excludes consumption tax.
* See Bureau of Taxation for more information.

It will be added to an accommodation fee, when you stay at a hotel or an inn in Tokyo.

Nightly Room Rate (Per Person) Lodging Tax
Less than 10,000 yen Exempt
10,000 yen - 14,999 yen 100 yen
15,000 yen and over 200 yen

It will be added to an accommodation fee, when you stay at a hotel or an inn in Kyoto.

Nightly Room Rate (Per Person) Lodging Tax
Less than 20,000 yen 200 yen
20,000 yen - 49,999 yen 500 yen
50,000 yen and over 1,000 yen

*It will be imposed from October 1, 2018.
*Participants in school trips or other school events and their tour conductors are exempted from this tax.


Parking lots are available at certain locations.
Parking capacity is limited. Be sure to contact the hotel in advance if you will arrive by car.

<Available Locations>
Tokyu Stay Yotsuya, Tokyu Stay Sapporo, Tokyu Stay Sapporo-Odori, Tokyu Stay Hida-Takayama Musubi no Yu, and Tokyu Stay Hakodate-Asaichi Akari no Yu.

* Parking lots are not available at any other locations. We recommend using a nearby paid parking lot (reservations not available).