TOP  Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

Get the best price on reservations through our official website!

When using Tokyu Stay’s official website to make reservations, you get the best price (the cheapest) on a room of the same criteria compared to those advertised on other reservation sites. Plus, if you register as a member, you can get an additional discount off that best price.
* The prices listed on our official website and other companies’ sites vary from day to day based on occupancy. In some cases, our price may be the same as another site’s.



It is necessary to satisfy the following conditions, as we guarantee the best rate.

  • The same hotel
  • The same number of people
  • The same method for settlement
  • The same date for which you booked a room
  • The same type of room
  • The same conditions for cancellation
  • The same date of stay
    (arrival and departure dates)
  • The period of stay
    (checkin and checkout times)
  • The same services and privileges
    (including hotel amenities)

Out of the scope of the best rate guarantee

As we guarantee the best rate, the following cases are excluded for comparison. We would appreciate your understanding.

  • Fees that are not normally announced, such as the fee for a corporate contract
  • Fee for the case where a room is booked only by phone, not via the website
  • Fee under the condition that credit card number is input at the time of booking
  • Fee for a specific member organization
  • Fee when prepaid with a coupon, a voucher, a credit card or the like
  • Fee for an auction site, such as a group buying site
  • Fee for a packaged service, including the use of facilities other than accommodation, transportation, and meals
  • Fee not set by the hotel, such as the fee of the tour offerred by a travel agency
  • Fee that fluctuates according to exchange rates