Traditional and Urban city, Ginza

Tokyu Stay Ginza near the Higashi Ginza Station will be opened on March 7th, 2016.
We are preparing a variety of things for opening now.
Today, we are going to introduce Ginza area where we decided to open our hotel.
Ginza is a well-known city as shopping area of Tokyo which has Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hibiya line and Toei Asakusa line. Moreover it is easy to access to the airports, so many visitors come to this area.
Also, Ginza is the source of cultural trends that people from all over the world come and go, so we can see a lot of foreigner tourists or business people especially.
Speaking of Ginza, it seems that many people imagine Kabukiza.
Kabukiza is a traditional theater for Kabuki drama,which is located in front of Tokyu Stay Ginza. Not only Japanese but also foreign people come and watch traditional dramas.
In addition to this, Ginza is a popular shopping area with numerous department stores, boutiques, restaurants and cafes.
For example, from Tokyu Stay Ginza, along the Harumi Street for Ginza Station, you will see one of the long-established stores called Ginza Mitsukoshi department store.
In the Chuo Street crossing the Harumi Street, there are luxury brand stores such as PRADA, LOUIS VUITTON and BVLGARI. Recently, fast fashion stores like H&M or UNIQLO are increasing, so it is ideal place to go shopping.
Going on a back street, there are a variety of attractive restaurants or stores.
You can explore what the street is like and that would be fun.
Besides, Tsukiji fish market is close to Ginza area by walk. You can eat fresh fishes at Fish market built 70 years previously.
Not just Ginza area, but also Tsukiji, Yurakucho and Shinbashi are easily accessible, so just walking would be interesting surely.
We are going to introduce attractions of Ginza to you through this blog.
Please look forward to it.
If you have an opportunity to visit Ginza, please also come to our hotel, Tokyu Stay Ginza!





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