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  • * 3 minute on foot Keikyu Line Kamata Station
  • * 8 minute on foot from the east of JR Keihintouhoku-Negishi Line Kamata Station

Tokyu Stay Kamata map

Tokyu Stay Kamata
Kamata 4-23-1, Ota, Tokyo



To Haneda Airport 8min

Private Railways
Keikyukamata Station

To Shinagawa 7min

Keikyu Line from
Keikyukamata Station

To Kawasaki 5min

JR Keihintouhoku-Negishi Line from
Kamata Station

To Tokyo 22min

JR Keihintouhoku-Negishi Line from
Kamata Station

* The times required are for normal daytime hours, not including transfers or waiting time. Also, they may vary depending on the time of day.


Access Aroundmap
  • Tokyo International Airport
    (Haneda Airport)

  • Echika Kamata Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) opened its international terminal in October 2010. The airport has become even more convenient and is attracting more attention from travelers. Access to the airport has become even more convenient.
  • JR Kamata Station and surrounding area

  • Esola Kamata The area around Kamata Station serves as the center of Ota Ward and has a full range of commercial facilities. The area is being developed with a focus on further expansion and internationalization of Haneda Airport.
  • Keikyu Kamata Station and surrounding area

  • Metropolitan Plaza In the area around Keikyu Kamata Station, projects are being conducted to redevelop the town and to enhance the station plaza. In order to enhance the functionality of the station, actions are being taken install barrier-free facilities and to ensure smooth transfers.
  • Tokyo University of Technology, Kamata Campus

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space The Kamata Campus of the Tokyo University of Technology is located 15 minutes by foot from Keikyu Kamata Station. The new school building is shared with Nippon Engineering College and is a new landmark of the Kamata area.
  • Edo Street
    (inside Haneda Airport Terminal)

  • Rikkyo University Located inside the Haneda Airport International Terminal, Edo Street is a popular area which recreates the atmosphere of the Edo Period. The street is lined with famous shops, and the "Edo-mae-Yokocho" area is packed with popular restaurants.
  • Kamata Tokyo Plaza

  • Sunshine 60 This urban shopping center has been a symbol of Kamata since it opened in November 1968. Direct connecting passages to GRANDUO Kamata exist on the basement 1F, as well as on floors 2F-5F.

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