Washer-dryers in every room allow you to enjoy a lightly packed trip.

Try to go as light as possible on these travel items.
Being able to wash clothes during a trip gives our guests much more freedom.
With that in mind, rooms in this hotel are equipped with a single-machine washer dryer.
Some rooms do not have a washer dryer.

  • Just one button will do everything from washing to drying your clothes.
    You can go out while the machine is running.

  • Those on business trips or those traveling with children will enjoy this luxury.

  • Go for a run or hike during your trip without worries.

Time necessary for a washing cycle:

From washing to drying: approx. 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Guests staying in rooms with a washer dryer can receive laundry detergent for free at check-in.

Original equipment at Tokyu Stay Hida Takayama

Hida Takayama’s equipment comes from the use of high quality materials and ancient crafting techniques.
All rooms are equipped with original products made with the cooperation of local professionals so that all of our visitors can experience Hida Takayama’s culture.
Enjoy Hida sashiko embroidery, Hida woodworking, Shunkei-nuri lacquered items, and other crafts that were born in the local area added to a modern essence.

  • Hida sashiko embroidery artworks
  • Hida beef pattern remote controller cases
  • Hida furniture
  • Hida lumber×Clocks finisded with Shunkei lacquer
  • Hida lumber×Room number finisded with Shunkei lacquer
  • Sanchu traditional paper
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