Dining that combines Japanese and western styles for fully savoring Takayama

Enjoy the culture of Hida Takayama via its food.
The menu at Restaurant Yui features long-standing local dishes prepared with locally grown ingredients so that our guests can experience yet another part of the area’s culture.
From the area’s highly praised Hida Beef to homemade dishes, visitors will taste and relish every bite of Hida Takayama’s culinary culture.

  • point1

    Enjoy your meals in dining area with that blends the area’s charm with modern aesthetics.

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    The buffet where you can enjoy all the local cooking of Hida Takayama switches between a “mountain village” theme in the morning and a “castle town” theme in the evening.

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    The dinner menu features a number of dishes with the famous Hida Beef. Enjoy every bite of Hida Takayama’s renowned brand of beef.

Breakfast Options

Start your day with a delicious breakfast after waking up comfortably in your bed.
The breakfast menu’s offerings are made with the gifts of the local mountains and will let guests taste the area’s homemade cooking that has been passed down for generations.

buffet composed of Japanese and western cuisines
Time:7:00〜10:00(LO 9:30)
Charge:2,300 JPY(tax included.)

Japanese Dishes

Japanese Dishes

Western Dishes

Western Dishes

Dinner Options

We offer an appetizer, sashimi assortment, and a main dish of your choice, as well as a Japanese-Western buffet at a set price.
Red radishes, komo tofu, potato balls, and other local dishes from Hida Takayama are available. This delicious feast will surely stir up conversation.

Appetizer and sashimi assortment + a la carte + Japanese-Western buffet set
Time:17:30〜21:00(LO 20:30)
Charge:6,000 JPY(tax included.)

One main dish of your choice

  • Hida Beef Steak

    Hida Beef Steak

  • Hida Beef grilled with Hoba Miso

    Hida Beef grilled with Hoba Miso

  • Hida Beef Sukiyaki

    Hida Beef Sukiyaki

  • Hida Beef Hamburger

    Hida Beef Hamburger

  • Yellowtail Shabu-shabu

    Yellowtail Shabu-shabu

  • Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and fine, thin marbling of Hida Beef one of four ways: as a steak, with Hoba Miso, as sukiyaki, or as a hamburger. Also available is the yellowtail shabu-shabu that was carried along the "Yellowtail Highway" that ran between Toyama, Hida, and Nagano. This shabu-shabu is an integral part of Hida's aging ceremony. Enjoy every bite of some of the best cuisine Hida Takayama has to offer.

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