Q.1-1 When do I pay if paying on arrival?
A.Guests will pay their room fee upon checking in.
Q.1-2 Can I pay via credit card?
A.We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UC, Top & Card, JCB, Diner’s Club, and UnionPay cards.
Q.1-3 Can I pay for the lodging fee via bank transfer?
A.Yes. If paying via bank transfer, please pay in advance. We will tell you the bank transfer information if you contact the hotel. Please let us know if a bill of cost is necessary.
Q.1-4 Can you convert foreign currency?
A.We cannot convert foreign currency. However, we can tell you about banks near the hotel that provide such services.
Q.1-5 Is there a hot springs tax fee?
A.Takayama City charges ¥150 hot springs tax fee for one guest per night over the age of 12 to stay.



Q.2-1 I forgot my login password to make a reservation on the website.
A.Click the “password information” button on the reservation login page. Enter your e-mail address and phone number, and the password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
Q.2-2 I can’t login.
A.Click the “Retrieve password” button. Enter your e-mail address and phone number, and the password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
Q.2-3 I want to change or cancel my reservation.
A.Click on the “Confirm, change, or cancel reservation” button on the reservation login page. Enter your registered e-mail address and password, as well as your reservation number and registered e-mail address. You may now confirm, change, or cancel your reservation.
Q.2-4 How far in advance can I make a reservation on the official homepage?
A.Generally, reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance. Reservations may also be made via phone at all of our locations.
Q.2-5 Can we be put on a wait list?
A.We do not offer wait list services. Please contact us via phone or internet to inquire about vacancies.
Q.2-6 Do you charge a cancellation fee for cancelling a reservation?
A.For those with a reservation who do not stay and who do not let us know in advance, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the room free charged for that day. Canceling the day before will incur fee equal to 80% of the room fee, while canceling 2 days before will incur a fee equal to 50% of the room fee.
For group reservations of 15 or more guests, please reserve at least 20 days in advance. Reserving with less than 10 days’ notice will incur a fee equal to 20% of the room fee, while reserving with less than 20 days’ notice will incur a fee equal to 10% of the room fee.


Checking In & Checking Out

Q.3-1 What are the check-in and check-out times?
A.Guests may check-in any time after 3 PM. Guests must check out before 11 AM.
Q.3-2 What should I do if I will be checking in late?
A.The front desk operates 24 hours a day. If you will be arriving later than 10PM, please contact the front desk in advance. Reservations will be automatically canceled for guests who do not notify the hotel by midnight on the evening of their reservation
Q.3-3 Can check-out time be extended?
A.The standard check-out time is 11 AM, but it can be extended. If you wish to extend your check-out time, please contact the front desk. Please be aware that an extra fee will be applied, and check-out extension requests will be denied if there are no vacancies.


Lodging and Guest Rooms

Q.4-1 Are non-smoking rooms available?
A.All rooms are non-smoking rooms. A smoking area is available for guests who wish to smoke on the 1st floor.
Q.4-2 Is it possible to store our valuables somewhere?
A.A safe is available in all guest rooms for storing valuables.
Q.4-3 What equipment (refrigerator, etc.) is available in the guest rooms?
A.LCD TV, Internet (Wi-Fi), humidifier / air purifier, refrigerator, personal air conditioner, washlet toilet seat, dryer, safe, telephone, hangers, memo pad, and a shoehorn are available. Depending on the type of room a washer dryer combo, kitchenette (with IH heaters), microwave are also available.
Q.4-4 What amenities are available in guest rooms?
A.Body soap, face towels, bath towels, shampoo, rinse, a bathmat, toothbrushes, hand soap, and nightgowns are all available.
Q.4-5 How often are the rooms cleaned during long-term stays?
A.- For multiple-night stays
“Simple cleaning” is done on request. If you want this service, please hang the notification outside your door.
Simple cleaning includes: changing face towels, bath towels, bathmat, and nightwear, and emptying trash cans.

- For guests who are staying seven nights or more
In addition to the simple cleaning, “Room cleaning” will be done once a week.
Room cleaning includes: making the bed, changing towels and nightwear, replenishing in-room equipment, cleaning the room, and emptying trash cans.
Q.4-6 Can guests connect to the internet?
A.All guest rooms have high-speed internet Wi-Fi available for use free of charge.
Q.4-7 Can 3 guests stay in a single room?
A.Up to 4 guests may stay in a single room.
Q.4-8 Can guests sleep in the same bed with their children?
A.Children who are not yet in elementary school may sleep in the same bed with their parents for free.
Q.4-9 What is the lodging rate for a child?
A.The price for children who are in elementary school and older is the same as the adult rate.
If children who are not yet in elementary school are sharing a bed with their parents, there will be no extra cost. Do not include the number of children staying with you when making your reservation. Only include the number of adults.
For children who are in elementary school or older, please count them as an adult when making your reservation.
Q.4-10 Are there amenities available for children?
A.No, there are no amenities for children.
Q.4-11 Can a crib be reserved?
A.Cribs are not available.
Q.4-12 Is it possible to stay with a pet?
A.We ask that all guests refrain from staying with a pet. However, guests who require a service dog for visual, auditory, or other reasons may stay with their pet. We ask such guests to contact the front desk.



Q.5-1 Does the hotel offer a delivery service?
A.Luggage can be sent at the front desk via Yamato delivery service. Advanced payment or payment on arrival are both available.
Vouchers are available, so please fill one out and include your intended delivery address before giving it to the staff.
Q.5-2 Can you take luggage before check-in or after check-out?
A.If luggage arrives before you check-in, the front desk will take care of it. The front desk can also take care of your luggage on the day of your check-out after you have already checked out, so please feel free to contact them. Please be aware that we cannot accept valuables or fragile items.
Q.5-3 I’d like to send my luggage ahead of time. Can you receive it?
A.Yes, we can. Guests who wish to send their luggage ahead of time should record their name and check-in date on a voucher. Please note that the hotel is not responsible for storing valuables or fragile objects. It is also not possible for us to accept luggage sent via pay at delivery or cash on delivery.


Facilities within the hotel

Q.6-1 What sort of amenities are available?
A.Pants press, cell phone chargers (iPhone & Android), iron (with stand), and DVD players can all be requested free of charge at the front desk. A limited number are available, so please contact the front desk as soon as possible.
Q.6-2 Are vending machines available?
A.Vending machines are installed on the 2nd and 9th floors.
Q.6-3 Is there a restaurant within the hotel?
A.The restaurant YUI is located on the 2nd floor.

Breakfast  7:00 – 10:00(LO 9:30)
Dinner  17:30 – 21:00(LO 20:30)

Reservations are required. If you plan to dine at the restaurant, be sure your accommodation plan includes a meal. Otherwise, contact the hotel via phone.
Those who are not staying at the hotel may not dine at YUI. Thank you for your understanding.
Q.6-4 Are meeting rooms available within the hotel?
A.Meeting rooms are not available within the hotel.
Q.6-5 Is it permissible to smoke within the guest rooms?
A.Smoking within a guest room is strictly forbidden. Guests who wish to smoke should do so in the designated smoking areas on the 1st floor.
Q.6-6 Are shops located within the hotel?
A.A shop and cafe are located on the first floor. Local food and crafts are available in the shop. Coffee and other refreshments are available at the cafe. Alcohol (local sake and others) is served in the evening.

the hours
shop:8:00 - 21:00
cafe:8:00 - 22:00
Q.6-7 Is the large public bath a hot spring?
A.It is one of Hida's local hot springs. There are two different types of public baths with differing structures. The baths are men or women only depending on the time of day.
Q.6-8 Can private baths be reserved?
A.It will be accepted on the day of your stay (first-come-first-served basis). 45 min / ¥1,650 (tax included.)
Q.6-9 What are the hours for the large public bath and the private baths?
A.「large public bath]
15:00 - 24:00/6:00 - 11:00(This bath is available to male and female guests in alternate shifts.)
[private baths]
15:00 - 23:00(LO 22:00)


Other services

Q.7-1 Can you communicate in English?
A.Of course! English-speaking staff will be available on site.
Q.7-2 Is there a curfew?
A.No curfew is in place. Guests can come and go as they please via their card key, but guests can sleep soundly knowing that no one other than guests may access the floors with guest rooms.
Q.7-3 Can we bring our own food and drink?
Guests may use the refrigerator installed in their rooms.
Q.7-4 Are convenience stores located nearby?
A.A convenience store is located within a 5-minute walk of all locations. For more details, please contact the front desk.
Q.7-5 Is room service available?
A.Room service is not available.
Q.7-6 Is a copy service available?
A.The front desk can make copies for a fee.
Q.7-7 Is a fax service available?
A.The front desk can make copies for a fee.
Q.7-8 Can I reserve a parking lot?
A.Please note: first come, first serve and reservations unavailable.
Please use nearby coin parking if the facility parking lot is full upon your arrival.

Facility's parking lot: 26 vehicles 1,000 yen per vehicle per night (tax included)  15:00 – next 11:00
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