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How to get hotel Tokyu stay Okinawa naha from Naha airport

Hello! Welcome toTokyu Stay Okinawa blog!^^

Today, I'm going to introduce you how to get to our hotel from Naha airport by monorail.


At Naha airport, there is a connecting passage to monorail station from departure lobby on the 2nd floor.


Naha airport station is the westernmost station of Japan!

Furthermore, the next station of Naha airport (Akamine station赤嶺駅) is southernmost^^


From Naha airport station, take the "Tedako uranishi" monorail and get off at Tsubogawa station which only takes 8 minutes!!

yuirail map.jpg

(A map is cited from Okinawa Urban Monorail Inc.)

After getting off the monorail, the ticket gate is one floor down.

Take a right after you exit the ticket gate.

You can use the elevator or stairs to get to the ground.

When you get to the ground, turn around and you will see a 7-eleven on your right side.

(BTW, The first 7-eleven was opened in 2019 summer in Okinawa!)

Keep going straight along the street about 3 minutes, you will see Don-quijote and Tokyu stay hotel on your right side.


A quick floor map↓

1F・2F Don-quijote shopping mall

3F・4F Parking deck

5F is Tokyu stay hotel front desk

The 1st floor entrance which is on the left side is Don-quijote.

The entrance on the right side is Tokyu stay hotel.


When you come to Okinawa by all means please choose Tokyu stay^^

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Tokyu stay Okinawa Naha Blog: written by YN

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