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Tokyu Stay are specializing executive class Serviced Apartments in Central Tokyo, please try them either on vacation or business trip.

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1. Compliance with the law

This company fully complies with any applicable laws,regulations,guidelines stipulated by the state, or any other official provisions concerning the handling of private information.

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This company will train our employees to handle private information properly and share its necessity and importance within the whole company.

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This company will provide the private information to the third party within the applicable reason with the prior permition from the owner. The entrustment shall act strictly under the supervision of us.

9. To profer or deposit of certain private information in our possession

This company shall not disclose private information held in our custody to a third party unless prior permition from the owner of private information or a matter of compliance of laws and regulations.

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11. Response to complaints or consultation concerning private information

This company will respond to complaints or consultation from the owners of private information concerning the handling of such information by setting up a contact office for the purpose.

12. Continuous improvement of the private information protection management system

This company will continue to review and improve the private information protection management system for the maintenance of proper protection of private information.

Insituted on March 31st 2005
Revised on April 1st 2017
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