Tokyu Stay Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") will keep your personal information secure, and will promote the following and collect customers' information to improve our website and better serve your needs.

1. Legal compliance

Tokyu Stay will comply with personal information protection law and all applicable laws and ordinances and guidelines.

2. Internal system

An internal system that clearly allocates roles and responsibilities under a manager responsible for the protection of personal information shall be arranged to implement this personal information protection policy.

3. Obtaining personal information

When the Company obtains personal information from customers, it will clearly state the use objective and the scope required to achieve that objective.

4. Using personal information

The Company will only use personal information within the scope of the use objective.

5. Maintaining accuracy

The Company will take the appropriate measures to ensure that customers' personal information is accurate and up to date.

6. Safety management measures

The Company will strictly manage customers' personal information and take preventative and safety measures to safeguard against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, duplication or leakage of such information.

7. Internal education

The Company will provide employees with education and training on personal information protection and raise awareness of that content throughout the company.

8. Managing entrustees

The Company may entrust personal information to third parties for valid reasons. The Company is obligated to strictly manage personal information entrusted to entrustees.

9. Restriction of provision to a third party

The Company will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party without the prior consent of customers, excluding occasions when required to do so by law.

10. Disclosure, revision or suspension of use of personal information

If the Company is requested by a customer to confirm or revise the held information of that customer, the Company will speedily respond to that request within a scope that is reasonable and necessary. The Company may request confirmation of identity when performing such procedures. Please note that a handling fee may be required.

11. Responding to complaints and queries concerning personal information

The Company will set up a consultation service for customer complaints and queries concerning the handling of personal information.

12. Continuous review of internal systems

The Company will continuously review management systems and activities to protect personal information and endeavor to improve them.

Established March 31, 2005
Revised April 1, 2014
Bunzo Kosaki, President
Tokyu Stay Service Co., Ltd.

Handling of Personal Information

The Company will handle personal information obtained from customers for the following uses.

1. Compliance with laws and ordinances

  • (1) Management and entrusted management of hotels, inns and sports and leisure facilities
  • (2) Work related to planning and design of hotels and inns, etc.
  • (3) Management of food and beverage business
  • (4) Travel business based on the Travel Agency Act.
  • (5) Business related to leasing, purchase or management of property or handling the mediation thereof.
  • (6) Work related to providing accommodation and tourism information by telecommunication.
  • (7) All other work related to the above items.

The work stated above may be added to or removed.

2. When requesting customers to provide personal information in the following cases

  • (1) When customers request materials.
  • (2) When customers register as an online member.
  • (3) When customers fill in the accommodation card at check-in. (In accordance with Article 6 of the Hotel and Ryokan Management Law)
  • (4) When customers make a reservation.
  • (5) When customers fill in a questionnaire.
  • (6) When customers enter a competition.

Customers provide personal information at their own discretion, but if they do not provide such information, they may not be able to access all the functions of this website or some services.

3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Personal information used to implement the below work or provide services or information.

  • (1) When it is necessary to confirm reservation details or answer queries.
  • (2) When the Company has to contact a customer.
  • (3) When sending materials to customers.
  • (4) When using the information for statistical purposes in a way that will not personally identify individuals, such as for the Company's marketing purposes.
  • [1] To survey customer market trends.
  • [2] To survey customer satisfaction.
  • [3] To enhance services through CS questionnaires.
  • (5) When it is necessary to answer a questionnaire.
  • (6) When using the information for sales activities such as sending notices by direct mail or e-mail invitations to website members, who have given their agreement, in connection with all work listed under "1. Work details" above. We will terminate this upon request from customers.
  • (7) In other cases when customers have given their agreement.

4. Providing personal information to third parties

The Company will not provide obtained personal information to third parties except for the following circumstances.

  • (1) When customers have given their agreement.
  • (2) When requested to do so by the relevant government official or officer based on Article 6 of the Hotel and Ryokan Management Law.
  • (3) Based on any others laws and ordinances.
  • (4) In event of an emergency such as illness or natural disaster.
  • (5) When the customer is a website member who has given his/her agreement.

The Company may provide customers' personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address) to Tokyu Fudosan Holdings companies via methods specified in laws and ordinances or other agreements. Please see the Tokyu Fudosan Group website for details about Tokyu Fudosan Holdings companies. The provision of information to third parties will be terminated if requested to do so by the customer concerned.

5. Personal information consulting service

Tokyu Stay Service Co., Ltd. personal information consulting service
〒150-0043 4F Shibuya Place, Dogenzaka 1-10-5, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL | +81-3-3476-1008

Information disclosure system

Customer consulting service

Customers who have a query about personal information or wish to revise or add details or delete or terminate use of personal information may contact the below customer consulting service office. Tokyu Stay Service Co., Ltd.
Personal information consulting serviceTEL | +81-3-3476-1008
Open hours | Weekdays10:00~12:00 / 14:00~17:00

Information disclosure procedure

The Company will disclose personal information if requested to do so by the person concerned.

  • (1) When requested to disclose information by a customer, the Company will confirm the customer's name, address, telephone number, and time and details (applicable hotel name, etc.) of your stay.
  • (2) After confirming that you stayed at one of our hotels, the Company will send an information disclosure application form to your current address. After filling in the necessary items, please submit the form, enclosing personal identification documents and the handling fee.
  • (3) Please submit formal documents (driving license copy, resident's card, etc.) as personal identification documents.

*If the certificate states 'honsekichi' (one's domicile by birth), please black it out and then submit it.

  • (4) When requesting disclosure of personal information or notice of use method, a handling charge of 1,000 yen per application is required. Please pay this charge by postal note or postage stamp.
  • (5) After receiving an application from a customer for information disclosure, we will as a rule return it within about two weeks in writing.
  • (6) The disclosure of information may be restricted if it is judged that it will impede the accomplishment of duties.
  • (7) Revising or terminating the use of information will be accepted if the application is in writing similar to information disclosure procedures.

Handling personal information in the Company's website

Use of cookies

To provide services to customers browsing the Company's website or to verify traffic information, information called "cookies" may be sent to the user's computer. This information will be saved in the hard disk or memory of the user's computer. Cookie information will only be used for the company's website marketing analysis (customer market trend survey, customer satisfaction survey, etc.) or to provide various services (new service menu development, service level enhancement), so customer privacy will not be violated.


The Company's website contains links to external websites, but the Company does not bear responsibility for any content relating to the protection of personal information in external websites.

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