Social Media Policy

TOKYU STAY Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tokyu Stay) will observe the following behavior and manners as its social media policy in the official social media account.

Basic Principles on Using the Social Media

  • (1)To have awareness and responsibility as an employee when using the social media to send information.
  • (2)To observe relevant regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law, in-house regulations, and the compliance code of conduct when sending information.
  • (3)To accurately describe the information to send and be careful not to create any misunderstanding.
  • (4)To understand that information once available on the Internet will spread widely over a long time and that it is impossible to delete it completely.
  • (5)To be constantly aware that unspecified large numbers of users of all backgrounds and circumstances can access the information sent on the Internet.
  • (6)To respond sincerely and try to be understood accurately when the information sent has unintentionally hurt someone or created a misunderstanding.

Attitude when Using the Social Media

  • (1)To be always ready to listen to other people’s opinions, starting with users’ views in the social media.
  • (2)To learn through experiences and to share them widely internally and externally so as to contribute to the growth of individuals and the community.
  • (3)To protect and not divulge the personal information and secrets of the company, employees, customers, clients and other related personnel.
  • (4)To be fully aware that any information sent by each person can have considerable effect.
  • (5)To be always aware that strengthening ties through communication between employees and stakeholders not only raises the value of individual employees, but also contributes significantly to raising the brand profile of Tokyu Stay.
  • (6)To fulfill one’s responsibilities when carrying out daily work.

Information and Request to our Customers and Users

  • (1)Please understand that all the information from Tokyu Stay (Tokyu Stay employees) in the social media does not necessarily reflect Tokyu Stay’s official announcements nor its views. Official announcements will be released on the Tokyu Stay website or as news releases.






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