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Guestroom Rate

  • Washing & DryerWashing & Dryer
  • KitchenetKitchenet
  • MicrowaveMicrowave
  • Internet(LAN & Wi-Fi)Internet(LAN & Wi-Fi)
  • Shower boothShower booth
Guestroom Type Floor
Equipment WEB Extra Rate
No smoking Smoking
Single S 16m² 1 JPY 11,800 Washing & DryerMicrowaveInternet(LAN & Wi-Fi)Shower booth Search Search
A 15m² 1 JPY 12,900 Washing & DryerMicrowaveInternet(LAN & Wi-Fi) Search Search
B 16m² 1 JPY 14,000 Washing & DryerMicrowaveInternet(LAN & Wi-Fi) Search Search
S 16m² 1 JPY 12,900 Washing & DryerMicrowaveInternet(LAN & Wi-Fi)Shower booth Feel free to call and ask us.  
A 15m² 1 JPY 14,000 Washing & DryerMicrowaveInternet(LAN & Wi-Fi) Feel free to call and ask us.  
B 16m² 1 JPY 15,100 Washing & DryerMicrowaveInternet(LAN & Wi-Fi) Search  
Semi-double A 16m² 2 JPY 19,400 Washing & DryerMicrowaveInternet(LAN & Wi-Fi) Search Search
B 18m² 2 JPY 21,600 Washing & DryerKitchenetMicrowaveInternet(LAN & Wi-Fi)   Feel free to call and ask us.

Feel free to call and ask us.Feel free to call and ask us.

* Single Type S is not equipped with bathtub, Only shower.

* Ladies Single room is floor for women only.

* Even when sold out, there is a chance vacancies may occur. Feel free to call and ask us.

* Prices include consumption tax.Tokyo accommodation tax would be levied separately.

* When staying in a hotel or inn within Tokyo that costs 10000 yen or more per person per night, there is an additional lodging tax according to Tokyo bylaws (10000 to 14999 yen: 100 yen, 15000 yen or over: 200 yen).

* Rates vary depending on the length of stay, so guests are requested to confirm with front desk at resavation.

* We have non-smoking rooms available as well.

* When staying multiple nights, there is no bed-making, bathroom or room cleaning for stays up to 6 nights.
Change of towels, gowns, etc. is performed daily.
In the case of stays 7 nights or over, instead of a daily change of towels, gowns, etc., the room will be cleaned every 7 days.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of the cancellation, cancellation fees must be paid with the following ratio.

  Same-day/No-show 1 day before 2 days before 10 days before 20 days before
1-14persons 100% 80% 50% - -
15 or more persons 100% 80% 50% 20% 10%


Single : example

Single Room S Type are 16m2, with washing and drying machines, a microwave, shower booth(no bathtub). Single Room A Type are 15m2, with washing and drying machines and a microwave. Single Room B Type are 16m2, with washing and drying machines, a microwave and internet(LAN&Wi-Fi) available in the rooms.

[ Single : example ]


Semiouble: example

You can spend a comfortable time on a 140-cm wide bed in a spacious Semi-Double, with 18m2 of space and fully equipped with a washer/dryer, microwave oven and internet(LAN&Wi-Fi).
* No mini kitchen.

[ Semi-double : example ]

Ladies Single

Twin : example

Ladies Floor access is limited to female guests, which means that even female guests who are staying alone can feel safe and secure.

Combination air purifier/humidifiers are standard features in all rooms, protecting skin from the drying effects of heating and cooling systems.

[ Ladies Single : example ]

Guest room details

[ Room equipment ]

  • * TV / PC
  • * Microwave
  • * Refrigerator
  • * Pants press
  • * Heating ring
  • * Washing & Dryer
  • * Bidet toilet
  • * Internet(LAN & Wi-Fi)

[ Amenity ]

  • * Bath towel
  • * Facial towel
  • * Bath mat
  • * Body soap
  • * Conditioner
  • * Shampoo
  • * Hand soap
  • * Brush*
  • * Shower cap*
  • * Razor*
  • * Toothbrush

*we have those items at front desk.

[ Room cleaning ]

For 6 nights or less (Short-stay) guests, we will change the linen every day.
* The change of the linen includes replacing face towel, bath towel, bath mat, nightclothes and toothbrush and clearing out wastebaskets.
For 7 nights or more (Middle-stay and Long-stay) guests, room-cleaning service will be provided once a week the same way as it used to be.
* The room cleaning includes a change of bed sheets, pillowcase and other linen, bed making, replenishing of amenities, room cleaning as well as clearing out wastebaskets.

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